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To access the resources, you need to register on the website.
Once you are registered, you will be able to subscribe to the courses.

In the resources description page, it is specified for which level it is designed. We have separated primary school in 4 levels: infants, 1st-2nd class, 3rd-4th class and 5th-6th class.

Both. You will find content for the teacher and kids-friendly resources that you can directly use in class.

Once you are logged in, go to "My account" page OR go to the "Resources" page.
Click on the desired pack. Click on the lesson you want in the "Curriculum" tab.


There is no time restriction for the school account. You can delete your account anytime.

Go to "My account" page. Select "Settings" and then "General". You can change your full name and the public name.

Go to "My account" page. Select "Settings". Then select "Password".

At the Log in form, select the "Lost your password?" link. Enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

If you want to close your account, please contact us. We will do it for you.


The school registration gives you access to all the resources for schools. If you agree, you can also receive updates about new uploaded resources. Some resources not related to schools will be upload on the website. Those ones won't be accessible with a school registration.

The school membership is free. We will appreciate any monetary donation to help us maintaining our services and to offer even more resources!
To do a donation, you can use the GoFundMe platform.

In the pack

You can download the kids activities (PDF). The videos have to be streamed online. The lessons are online too.

On the top right corner, click on the little square-like icon in the blue bar.

The videos are hosted on YouTube. So, you need an internet access that allows you to visit YouTube.

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